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Friday Favorites: Graphic Tees and Malin + Goetz


HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! We made it! What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some painting done around the house – a longgggg overdue task.  I have such a hard time being productive around the house on Saturdays and an even harder time trying to convince John that that’s when normal people do house work.  We’d usually rather have our normal crosswording and brunch session at Joe’s Inn, followed by beer and basketball or brewery hopping! But, I’m putting my foot down this weekend! We – will – get- it – done.

ANYWHO! As you guys have probably noticed, every week or so Catherine and I like to take a look at our recent outfits, insta-stories and blog posts and look for the inevitable patterns that develop.  Lately, we’ve been rocking graphic tees non-stop, and specifically graphic tees that make us feel like serious #GirlBosses. It’s a great reminder when you look in the mirror to have a kicka$$ message staring back at you!  Cath’s Gucci tee is pretty much #goals too. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite boss babe tees for you guys here:

I’ve gotta support our local faves Little Nomad with this RVA All Day shirt, too! You can see Cath rocking hers in one of my favorite, extra looks here.

malin + goetz hair products


Another favorite on repeat these days are Malin + Goetz products! The peppermint shampoo + cilantro conditioner are divine for our hair and the recovery treatment oil is a true miracle worker. The price tag might be kind of high, but trust me, its worth it.  It will make your face as smoooooth as a baby’s bottom.  (Just now realizing how kind of creepy that saying is?)

malein + goetz


Beauty Must-Haves from NET-A-PORTER

Alright, this blogpost on The Crystal Press is for all of my fellow beauty junkies. I am OBSESSED with beauty products and my obsession ranges from skincare to mascara to highlighter and everything in between. You guys too?


Lately, I have had my eye on a lot of products that I want to try on NET-A-PORTER. I mean, Diptyque Rose Hand Cream? I can’t not picture myself pulling that baby out of my purse and smelling like the chicest goddess on Earth after applying! I am fully aware of my beauty junkie problem but for your viewing (and online shopping) pleasure here is what I am currently craving from NET-A-PORTER Beauty. Some of these products maybe me a litttttle pricey, but trust me, its important to invest in the best products!

Had to throw in some of our overall favorite fragrances as well!


Invest In These Winter Essentials

Staying warm, having hydrated skin and being stylish aren’t always easy during the cold weather months.  

GUYS. Winter. The struggle to stay warm is real (Cath + I lasted about 30 seconds outside to snap the above photo in 10 degree weather) and the struggle to take care of your skin + body is real as well.  So, we have rounded up our favorite Winter Essentials in apparel + accessories and our favorite skincare + beauty products for the winter months to hopefully help you make it through the season justtttt a little easier. (more…)

March Favorites

Since the first day of 2017 we have been reminding you guys (and ourselves) to not forget to take care of yourself amidst the crazy hustle and bustle of life.  Each month we have been sharing some of our favorite products with you in an attempt to make things a little less overwhelming when you go to shop.  We will reiterate again: you can never treat yourself too often! Here are some of our favorite bath, body, skin and hair care products at the moment.  You’ll probably recognize a few, as we will always have a few tried and true go-to faves.

Red Carpet Ready

This post was sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.Sure we may not all be headed to the Red Carpet this awards season, but who doesn’t want to feel red carpet ready all the time? And do it in the comfort of your home?  We are still continuing our New Year, New You theme here on The Crystal Press and thanks to some great products from Babbleboxx, we are feeling extra chic this month.  (more…)

Spotlight on: Maven Made

We have said it before, but we will say it again >> Richmond is home to so many amazing local artists, vendors and shops.  One of our favorites in town is Maven Made – an all natural skincare + wellness brand run by Richmond girl boss Bethany.  I have been trying out the three products that she shared with us and I am obsessed.  We have tried countless facial serums and rosewater facial sprays over the years – as they are products we cannot live without- and I can honestly say that her Rosewater Wondermist and Facial Serum are the best of the best. The addition of lavender in the Rosewater facial mist is such a great added bonus, and is so incredibly refreshing!  I think its safe to say I’m hooked. Additionally, as a migraine sufferer, the headache and tension remedy has been a serious blessing.  I don’t leave home without it!

Read on to hear from Bethany about Maven Made and beyond!  (more…)

Treat Yourself in 2017

2017 is off to a great start for us over here at TCP.  Seriously, really great. Sure, we have had our share of bumps in the road already with wedding planning, house maintenance, etc etc – but even these things have made us more resilient.   It is of the utmost importance for us to remain in a comfortable mindset as our calendar is already filling up with events, trips and more.  One way that we are able to do that is to make sure that we always carve out time for ourselves. Whether its meditating, writing in a journal or taking a relaxing detox bath, we must make that a priority.  For my birthday a few weeks ago, Cath gave me a “Start 2017 off on the right foot” care package of sorts and it has the PERFECT set of products to do just that.

Do yourself a favor and make YOU a priority this year. Here are a few things to help you do just that!

xx, Reb + Cath