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Forever 21 Friday

When it comes to navigating through the wonderuflness that is Forever 21, you either love it or hate it.  I have been shopping there since I was 13 and several people have told me I am “good” at Forever 21, Reb included. A shopaholic-induced broke girl is kinda forced to be good at Forever 21, am I right?


That being said, I have picked out some of my favorite pieces at Forever 21 right now in the name of TGIF and  inspired by this Forever 21 look here:



The Perfect LBD for Spring

urban outfitters spring

Right now, I am not the kinda gal who likes to jump into Spring with lots of prints and bright colors and if you have been following along with our TCP journey, I’m sure you’ve seen my tendency to lean towards darker hues regardless of the season. Rebecca and I have partnered with Urban Outfitters to share with you some of our favorite pieces for the new season! *Stay tuned for hers next!*


Cali Vibes

We just spent 5 wonderful days in Los Angeles for Catherine’s bachelorette party and we got to fit so many of our favorite Cali things into those days.  If you were following along with us on insta-story and snapchat you got to see some behinds the scenes fun! If you didn’t, I won’t spoil all the details QUITE yet as we will be sharing our adventures over the next few blog posts! For now : here’s some pieces inspired by what we wore to snap some pix by the Hollywood sign.

Out West

It is no secret that I will use any excuse to go back to Los Angeles and I am so excited for Reb and I to head to the city of angels for a week. The Crystal Press has allowed this coast to coast trip to occur more often and this time around, some of my favorite girls from all over the place will be meeting us in Hollywood to celebrate my bachelorette! (more…)

Cathclaire Classic

Yes, I am a serial outfit repeater but I do it in the name of love.


Elevated Denim

My fiancè prefers that I wear white denim over my constant “the darker the denim the better” approach to my daily attire.

When I scored these black and white striped beauts from ASOS, I immediately recognized them as a wearable compromise in skinny jean form. Cue the Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved” earworm – It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, It’s compromise that moves us along. Am I the only one who can’t say the word compromise without thinking of this song? 


Twinning in Tart

As a fashion blogging duo, Rebecca and I don’t take nearly enough advantage of the fact that twinning is trending. This Tart faux fur proves to be the perfect opportunity for us to step up our twinning game and we had a helluva a time using this as an excuse to wear the same thing. Rebecca wore this coat to the Cava preview dinner at Whisk on Monday and she got endless compliments. Anytime either one of us is wearing this coat, not only does it keep us warm but it attracts good vibes like no other!


Dress Me in Possibility

With the Drake and JLo’s rumored romance on my mind, I have found myself listening to a lot of throwback music from the good ole days when I had an intense obsession with Jennifer Lopez. While I can’t tell you how old I was, I can tell you this JLo obsession was right after my infatuation with Taylor Hanson and right before my Newlyweds-is-the-only-show-I-watch-and-I-want-to-be-Jessica-Simpson phase.

Obsession can be a beautiful thing and I was reminded of this when I felt waves of pure bliss while rediscovering “Feelin’ So Good” from Jennifer Lopez’s first album On The 6th. Isn’t it the best when you get hit with this nostalgic feeling?


A Fashionably Late New Years with Minted

Planning a wedding has brought an entirely new meaning to the phrase fashionably late. I am the most fashionably late person I have ever met, but mix that with the year of a wedding and you’re looking at a lot of things not getting done.


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