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Twinnning at NYFW in Stripes


Everyone is trying to turn heads at NYFW, we all know that.  And while we aren’t all supermodels or can’t all be decked out in head to toe Gucci or Miu Miu, there are definitely other ways to stick out.  We opted for these matching striped sweaters from Zara, and wore them on repeat.  Not to brag or anything *ahem* but we did turn quite a few heads and it was an excellent conversation piece. (more…)

What We’re Packing for Fashion Week: Tees + Metallics


We have found it is easiest when packing for NYFW to have a good strategy.  Otherwise it is midnight the day before you leave and you are staring in your closet like ‘where the heck do I even start?’  Each season we try to stick with a theme and expand on it. Sure, we all want to stand out to street style photogs, but that doesn’t mean you have to do anything too over the top! This year, Cath is leaning towards metallics and I am leaning towards graphic tees and straight up, basic black. We look forward to sharing our looks with you during our trip so make sure you stay tuned on insta stories – not only on @thecrystalpress but also on @cathclaire + @rebeccapiersol!


Black + White Basics

Some people prepare for spring with florals and patterns, but we like to have a tendency to stick to the basics all year ’round. Nothing against colors and prints, of course, but you cant go wrong with black and white. It is a given that our over-packed suitcases for NYFW are full of our fave monochromatic looks. Here are a few of our favorite *mostly affordable* pieces right now!   (more…)

Four Seasons NY Downtown

We have never met a Four Seasons Hotel that we didn’t like. I mean, really, who has? We had the luxury of staying at the new Four Seasons Hotel Downtown in NYC during our last visit and it was divine.  From the marble bathrooms to the room service breakfast (those waffles!) and everything in between, it was truly a dream from the moment we walked in the door. We are seriously convinced that Four Seasons employees are the best of the best and we always know that they are going to take the best care of us during our stays.  (more…)

ShopBop SALE!

nyfw-13Outside of the MILLY show during NYFW, photographer, Tim Regas snapped these photos of us. We can’t exaaaaactly replicate these outfits for you but we can do even better. We’ve selected some of our favorite pieces, inspired by these looks from the ShopBop ‘Event of The Season!’  25% with code: MAINEVENT16 — shop away, lovelies!



Which piece is your favorite? We’re really into this Botkier bag – and at that price?!

An Ode to Basics

img_2509Packing for Fashion Week is always SUCH a struggle. (Yes, I know this is a seriously cliche fashion blogger statement, but just bear with me).

This season, I knew I had to have some sort of strategy so as to not go totally insane during the process.  To make matters worse, I just moved into our new house this summer and my clothes are EVERYWHERE; downstairs closets, upstairs closets, the attic, my car and yes, even at Catherine’s house.  It’s always tempting to pack all of your ‘HEY LOOK AT ME’ pieces when heading to New York so as to capture the eyes (lenses) of the Street Style photogs and in our instance, yes, Cath and I would like to think of ourselves as the next Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie. (more…)

Don’t Stop Beliebing

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When I purchased this Justin Bieber shirt from Forever 21, I thought writing a blog post about it was going to be a no-brainer. Not only because is it an awesome graphic tee but because I’m obsessed with Justin Bieber like……obsessed in the way that I know my beliberness annoys the shit out of people and there’s no LOL about it. What I’m trying to say is: this post is not as easy as I anticipated and I am having a hard time putting my love for him into words. As much as I wish this were not true, I’m no master communicator. That being said, I am just going to have to let this shirt speak for itself and say you should get one too. Support the Biebs, guys.


NYFW Survival with Babbleboxx

babbleboxx1Every Fashion Blogger, photographer, designer and New York resident knows that Fashion Week is the craziest, most fabulous time(s) of the year.  Without a doubt this will be one of many posts in the following weeks where we share our adventures, favorite shows, and more with you guys.  Today in the spotlight is Babbleboxx and their #NYFW goodies for this season.  We could not have survived with week without the Vichy face masks, and have to admit we are in love with the Otterbox crystal case. When packing for fashion week, it can be difficult to prioritize what to bring and what to leave at home, but luckily this group of products made that decision super easy for us. From hair, to skin, to a chic selfie ready phone case, Babbleboxx had us covered for the crazy 6 days in New York.

Read on to find out about these great products, discount codes for purchase and more! (more…)

The Crystal Press does NYFW: FW 2016

We could give you a play by play of our NYFW adventures, but we have way too many photos for that. Instead, we want to provide you guys with some NYFW hacks that we wish someone would have told us before The Crystal Press attended their first fashion show. Our advice is by no means profound but after many attempts at Google on this topic, we figured we should share what we learned at NYFW FW 2016. Click read more to see photos from our NYFW adventures and to read The Crystal Press’ NYFW hacks for the newbies out there just like us! IMG_0144

Thred Up: NYFW Style

denim jacket 1


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xx, Reb + Cath