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A Weekend on Shelter Island

Every time John and I go on vacation, I bring our TCP Nikon, pack outfits and fully intend on shooting multiple looks, locations and scenery. However, I always end up forgetting or choosing not to do that and instead fully enjoy vacation. Because, really that is what vacation is all about. That being said, I did want to document our amazing trip to Shelter Island, NY so I took a boat load (hehe) of photos on ze trusty iPhone.   (more…)

Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

Whether you are craving a last minute getaway or a family vacation, grab your favorite bathing suit and head to Four Seasons Baltimore! With an infinity pool, waterfront views, and an award-winning spa – you will quickly sink into relaxation mode. I know once the poolside bartender handed me my pina colada, I sure did!


Oxford, MS

This past April for my husband’s spring break, we took a little road trip through the south with the ultimate destination of Oxford, Mississippi. John is a high school English Teacher and a huge fan of William Faulkner, so Oxford seemed like the exact right destination for our pilgrimage. We got to see Faulkner’s home, with writings on the walls and maps of his town Yoknapatawpa; we visited his grave with a little Jack Daniels in tow; and explored the quaint town of Oxford taking a few photos along the way.  (more…)

Melrose Georgetown Hotel

If you’ve been following along with TCP for any amount of time, you know that Catherine and I love a good hotel stay.  We’ve enjoyed staycations in Richmond and plenty of Fashion Week nights in countless hotels; so when we got the invite to come up to Washington, DC to stay at the Melrose Georgetown we jumped to the occasion!  Amidst all of Catherine’s wedding prep (ten days out!) this was the perfect getaway for the two of us to gallivant around a city that isn’t our own, as we are want to do. (more…)

Four Seasons NY Downtown

We have never met a Four Seasons Hotel that we didn’t like. I mean, really, who has? We had the luxury of staying at the new Four Seasons Hotel Downtown in NYC during our last visit and it was divine.  From the marble bathrooms to the room service breakfast (those waffles!) and everything in between, it was truly a dream from the moment we walked in the door. We are seriously convinced that Four Seasons employees are the best of the best and we always know that they are going to take the best care of us during our stays.  (more…)

A Homestead Christmas

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you know that The Homestead is my most favorite place.  (If you are a new TCP follower, I got married there a year and a half ago and have been vacationing there for most of my life).  Last year when John and I went in December we recognized how absolutely magical it can be at Christmastime and lucky for us we were able to convince my parents to spend the holiday itself there this year.


Jefferson Hotel

jefferson-21I guess you could say that we have this thing for hotels. If you follow us on any kind of social media (which we hope you are), you definitely know this about us.  One of our favorite parts of Fashion Week is the time that we spend in hotels, getting ready, having pillow talk and especially enjoying our morning coffee.

However, luckily for us, we don’t have to wait to go to New York or Los Angeles to experience hotel luxury.  Richmond is home to the Historic Jefferson Hotel, which is your one-stop-shop for the perfect, incredibly hospitable experience when visiting our hometown. The hotel recently underwent some renovations and we could NOT wait to check them out. Enter: a little TCP Staycation, with plenty of relaxing in the room, girl talk and down time. Enjoy our photo diary + a few little tidbits about the hotel itself. (more…)

30A Getaway

FL14Ever since I was a little girl, we have been vacationing in the panhandle on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. My grandad lived there for as long as I can remember and all of my best memories are from riding bikes in the summer, beach-ing for hours with my sister and best friend, Anna, every summer.  It has been a few years since I had spent the week down there, and boy, it was just as great as I remember it. It was really awesome for our family to be able to cut out a few days of our busy schedules to have a mini-reunion of sorts.  It also was a time for celebration, as my sister, Caroline, recently got engaged and we are in the throws of all of the planning! Another special part of the trip was being able to share this special place and loads of memories with my husband, John. (more…)

Guatemala 2.0

IMG_6188 A few weeks ago I went back to Guatemala with my husband, 15 high school seniors and another one of our teacher friends. Our trip last year was one of my most memorable trips ever and this year boasts the same! From the amazing parades through the streets of Antigua during Semana Santa, to the unforgettable views at Lomas de Tzununa, Guatemala is such a breath taking country.  Time for me to share a little iPhone photo journal journey with y’all. Apologies for ze quality, as the Nikon didn’t get to make the trip with me. (more…)

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