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The Trick to Dressing in the Cold Weather

Motivation to get dressed plummets when the temperature drops, especially for the ladies of The Crystal Press. How can we and our fellow fashionistas get out ahead of this winter wardrobe occurrence? Read this blogpost to see an easily executed solution for dressing in cold weather!

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Can we talk about these freezing temperatures for a second people? What a racket! As the weather has become colder than Antarctica in our lovely hometown of Richmond, Rebecca and I are constantly noticing/talking about how we can’t seem to get warm. Alas, outfit pictures inside.

To give you an idea: I am writing this blogpost in my winter pajamas topped with a huge terry cloth robe while wrapped up in my Missoni blanket inside my house drinking hot tea. Fueh, that is quite the sentence.

Anyways, you get the picture – it’s freaking cold out. That brings me to my next point, how to look remotely fashionable when its below freezing outside and the last thing you are motivated to do (or think about) is to look fashionable! Fear not fellow fashionistas, I have a solution for you.

In fact, this solution doesn’t just go for when it is below freezing out. It pretty much works 100% of the time. Throw together a warm outfit of one color (of course my color of choice was black,) with different textures if your feeling crazy, and finish it off with a statement winter coat (faux fur, robe style coat or a floor length puffer coat).

If you start collecting pieces of your favorite color to wear, you will notice yourself reaching for them more often because they are so easily mixed and matched. Prime example: I wore these leather culottes with Vans on The Crystal Press here.  Dressing becomes so much easier when you only keep things that are your favorite anything in your closet. It almost eliminates the lazy factor completely. Almost.

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Billy T-shirt: Love Billy / Leather Culottes: ASOS / Sunglasses: Le Specs /  Longline Ruffle Black Sweater: ASOS (sold out, similiar here) / Leather ‘Ardiss Bootie”: Jeffrey Campbell (almost sold out, similiar here )/ Velvet Beret: Lazy Oaf via ASOS / Black Camera Bag: Gucci 

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