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Galentine’s Day with The Crystal Press

Since the dawn of The Crystal Press, the two of us have celebrated Galentine’s Day. Whether we are traveling for fashion month or at home in Richmond together, we make a point to celebrate in one way or another! It is hard to believe that just 10 plus years ago this now well known celebration was coming to life through the TV show Parks and Rec and today it is a worldwide celebration between females. WE LOVE IT!


A Sweater for All Seasons

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Black and white pieces are always a safe bet when it comes to getting the most out of your closet. I love the way this ASOS sweater makes a statement while being so wearable with a neutral color palette.  You guys are really into sweaters this year (just like us!) because every time Rebecca and I post one – you go crazy for the links. That being said, we figured that we would show off some more of our favorites for you during these warm weather months!

If you are in the market for a good sweater, check out ASOS. They have plenty to choose from and not to mention – this black and white checkered beauty!
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The Trick to Dressing in the Cold Weather

Motivation to get dressed plummets when the temperature drops, especially for the ladies of The Crystal Press. How can we and our fellow fashionistas get out ahead of this winter wardrobe occurrence? Read this blogpost to see an easily executed solution for dressing in cold weather!

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Can we talk about these freezing temperatures for a second people? What a racket! As the weather has become colder than Antarctica in our lovely hometown of Richmond, Rebecca and I are constantly noticing/talking about how we can’t seem to get warm. Alas, outfit pictures inside.

To give you an idea: I am writing this blogpost in my winter pajamas topped with a huge terry cloth robe while wrapped up in my Missoni blanket inside my house drinking hot tea. Fueh, that is quite the sentence.

Anyways, you get the picture – it’s freaking cold out. That brings me to my next point, how to look remotely fashionable when its below freezing outside and the last thing you are motivated to do (or think about) is to look fashionable! Fear not fellow fashionistas, I have a solution for you.

In fact, this solution doesn’t just go for when it is below freezing out. It pretty much works 100% of the time. Throw together a warm outfit of one color (of course my color of choice was black,) with different textures if your feeling crazy, and finish it off with a statement winter coat (faux fur, robe style coat or a floor length puffer coat).

If you start collecting pieces of your favorite color to wear, you will notice yourself reaching for them more often because they are so easily mixed and matched. Prime example: I wore these leather culottes with Vans on The Crystal Press here.  Dressing becomes so much easier when you only keep things that are your favorite anything in your closet. It almost eliminates the lazy factor completely. Almost.

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Where to Shop in Richmond with The Crystal Press

We are so excited to finally share this video project The Crystal Press worked on with a crew from Google in Richmond, Va. The video is called “Shop Like a Local” and is featuring Need Supply Co, Little Nomad, and Ledbury.


We can’t believe that the day has finally come where we get to share with our readers one of our favorite projects that The Crystal Press has worked on to date and something that we are new at: VIDEO. The two of us almost didn’t believe our eyes when we received the email about this project with google – that’s how pumped we were at the prospect of working with them AND taking them around one of the best cities (and our hometown): Richmond, VA.

Is anyone else as afraid of public speaking as we are? Talk about two nervous ladies! (I mean, they are google…) But, luckily we had an amazing video crew who made us feel at ease and on top of that, we got to spend the day hanging with some of our favorite Richmond people throughout the day who were naturals on camera. (I’m looking at you Paul, Christina, and Anthony!). This was truly a memorable experience and we are so thankful to Google for including us, to Need Supply Co, Ledbury, and Little Nomad (see Cath rocking the RVA All Day shirt from the video here,) for putting Richmond on the map, and of course- to the city of Richmond. We think 2018 is our year, 804.


Cathclaire + Reb

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How to Make Sequin Pants Look Cool

Hesitant to invest in anything other than a sequin dress? Read on to find out how you can make sequin pants look cool and wearable with a tied up t-shirt and a blazer. 

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Sequins and everything extra seem to be showing up in every retail establishment and fashion blog / magazine as of late. What girl doesn’t enjoy a little bit of sparkle? Cathclaire for one, will never say no to a little bit of sparkle – hence the sequin wedding dress and  these Topshop sequin flare pants

When I ordered these Topshop sequin pants, I ordered two different sizes because I was that excited about wearing them. I couldn’t bear the chance of them not fitting and me having to wait for the right size to be shipped. Better to cover all of my bases, am I right?

I acknowledge that these Topshop pants are the definition of extra and that is exactly why I paired them with a t-shirt. Okay, not just any t-shirt but one of my favorites. My “RVA All Day” t- shirt is designed by DJ Ant Boogie, owner of Little Nomad (a shop for all the hip children’s clothes and things galore!) It is hard to see the design on the t-shirt in these photos because I tied the T-shirt up, but if you are a Richmonder and don’t have one – you need to get yourself one ASAP. It is one of the coolest Richmond slogans I have seen in a very long time and not to mention, I am always happy to support my man Anthony.

Do you see yourself rocking sequin pants in 2018? Grab yourself a pair and put your personal twist on them to make them look cool and less extra. xo Cath

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Holiday Packing Tips with The Crystal Press

Whether you need packing tips for your holiday travels or are planning holiday fashion outfits for your Christmas weekend, The Crystal Press has you covered with ideas to make the most out of your wardrobe this holiday!

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We are less than a week away from Christmas. What the!

Yes, I have been watching Christmas movies basically every night since Thanksgiving (which I’m sure you guys have seen on my cathclaire instastory nonstop), but being so festive this year REALLY made time fly by super fast. Does anyone else feel this way?

This is the first time since college that I am traveling for Christmas AND it’s my first Christmas with Kevin as husband and wife! **If you are new here, Kev and I just got married 6 months ago – you can see more about the cathclaire wedding here!**  I am so excited to pack (this is DEF a first….)  and share packing tips for a getaway this holiday season with family!

    1. Plan Ahead: This may sound like a no-brainer when it comes to packing tips, but if you ask me, it’s even more important when packing for the holidays. Not only are you traveling with gifts so the extra space is key, but you are also probably traveling to spend time with family or friends. If you plan ahead and get clear about what you may need while on your trip, you will avoid forgetting an essential item and wasting precious time scrambling to get an outfit together or for something you need vs enjoying time carefree with your people!
    2. Maximize Space in Your Suitcase: Towing gifts to your destination can take up a lot of space when packing, especially if you are flying. One of our favorite packing tips we just learned? To make the most room in your suitcase, roll your clothing. Not only does this maximize space but it also creates much less wrinkles. Doesn’t that sound amazing?
    3. Pick a Neutral Color Outfit Base: The Crystal Press is a huge fan of packing a neutral outfit base (think black, white, camel, navy), whether we are traveling to fashion week or home for the holidays. Packing with one main color in mind allows you to interchange pieces throughout your travels for different events without overstuffing your suitcase. Getting off the plane to meet friends for a fancy welcome dinner? Throw a blazer over your airplane get-up and trade out your flats for heels.  My go-to neutral base for this trip (and pretty much always) is black. I am going to be packing everything in this outfit post for my holiday travels – these leather culottes from ASOS are the most versatile piece I own right now and not to mention super comfy. I love how they pair with this old skool Vans and also can be dressed up with black heels for a night out or church with the family
    4. Keep Essential Items In Your Carry-On: If you are like me and can’t seem to travel without checking a bag – be sure to use this packing tip when traveling! Holiday travel can get crazy because it is such a popular time to jet-set so be prepared. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination without your necessities and essential items and especially during such a special time like the holidays!
    5. Find Your Favorite Luggage / Suitcase Brand: This is something Rebecca and I have been shopping alot for with all of the traveling we have been doing the past few years. Here are a few of our favorite suitcase and luggage brands we are shopping right now!

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For all of you that are going away this holiday, I wanted to share my packing list / packing tips and how I maximize the room in my suitcase without sacrificing fun fashion-forward pieces. I am packing a lot of black for my holiday getaway to Kansas City, following the neutral base packing tips listed above. Having one neutral color as a theme for the base of your outfits while traveling is a great way to mix and match pieces, as well as easy to layer.  I am packing these leather culottes pictured in this outfit post that I scored on Black Friday from ASOS, a couple of casual black sweaters and t-shirts, my black Jeffrey Campbell boots, and 2 coats. I love having all black as the base for traveling because it prevents me from overpacking (usually things I won’t wear anyways. Ask Rebecca, I am an insane overpacker….this post is as much for me as it is you guys lol) aka maximizes the room in my suitcase for statement coats and accessories….and gifts! I am going to pack my green star faux fur and my big red coat that makes me look like Mrs. Clause. You didn’t think I was going to pack all black and hide my festiveness this year, did you? (more…)

Stay Warm with Banana Republic + Cathclaire

I am going to be completely honest, I am not much of a crew neck sweater kinda gal. Ever since my Catholic school girl days of uniform wearing, I have always avoided this style….until today. Classic fashion blog post, I know, but it is the truth! I am all about expressing yourself with style and what better/simpler way than with graphics on clothes. THAT is the true secret as to what led me to this Banana Republic sweater. Put a french expression across a crew neck sweater and all the sudden cathclaire is sold! It’s that easy… LOL


The Crystal Press on The Crystal Coast: Pierless Too

We wrote a little bit about Atlantic Beach in Reb’s Free People Jumpsuit post, but here we will show you a few more photos of the house + beachfront views.  When The Crystal Coast asked us to come along on this weekend adventure they affectionately referred to the house as the sandcastle, and truly, it was.  Thanks to Blue Water, NC, we, along with other bloggers + photogs spent the weekend staying at Pierless Too. The 8 bedroom, 9.5 (yes, 9.5) bathroom house was a total dream and the views from the pool and the top deck were simply stunning!   (more…)

Picking a Veil for Your Wedding with Elle + Adhira

Every woman knows the emphasis that is put on a wedding dress and picking out your wedding veil is no different! Choosing your veil has the ability to complete, transform, or botch your wedding day look. That being said, I am sharing some additional photos of my Cathclaire wedding today to highlight a piece that completed my look: a veil by Elle + Adhira.


Striped Culottes with Need Supply

Is there anything better than striped culottes from Need Supply Co or a beach trip in October?

The Crystal Press had the pleasure of exploring The Crystal Coast last weekend in North Carolina and I have to say, that area is a true gem on the east coast! Rebecca and I will be sharing a travel blog post about everything we did while we were exploring Beaufort, Morehead City, and Atlantic Beach but for now, I had to share these culottes and this cool Aerosmith tee from Forever 21 with you all!


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xx, Reb + Cath