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I’m sitting here, staring at my screen, waiting for inspiration to strike me, and I’m thinking ‘well, I’ll just write about how to get inspired to write a blog post.’ Very meta huh? Is that what meta is? I’ve never really understood the whole meta thing.  Butttt I digress. In all honesty, I don’t think that I could tell you anything helpful about how to get inspired to write a blog post.  I am always telling Catherine that she is so good at writing mindful, inspired posts and I’m always over here like HEY HOW COOL IS THIS DRESS?  (more…)

Vivo Per Lei Collagen Collection

As we are coming up on 30 (yes, coming up on – still have another glowing year of our 20s left, don’t freak out), we are becoming increasingly more aware of how we are preparing our skin for aging. Yes we know, embrace your age and yada yada yada, but, come on, we all want to look this age for as long as possible.  We are particularly keen to find the best eye serums – and the market is flush with brands claiming to have the best products! Most recently, we partnered with Shopping Links to try out the Collagen Collection from Vivo Per Lei’s high performance skincare laboratories.  (more…)

Dress Me in Possibility

With the Drake and JLo’s rumored romance on my mind, I have found myself listening to a lot of throwback music from the good ole days when I had an intense obsession with Jennifer Lopez. While I can’t tell you how old I was, I can tell you this JLo obsession was right after my infatuation with Taylor Hanson and right before my Newlyweds-is-the-only-show-I-watch-and-I-want-to-be-Jessica-Simpson phase.

Obsession can be a beautiful thing and I was reminded of this when I felt waves of pure bliss while rediscovering “Feelin’ So Good” from Jennifer Lopez’s first album On The 6th. Isn’t it the best when you get hit with this nostalgic feeling?


Day to Night with Tart Collections

Splattered across social media and consuming small talk conversations over the past week has been the crazy weather – at least in our neck of the woods.  Last weekend we were graced with 8 and a half inches of snow here in RVA and by Thursday it was a balmy 68 degrees.  In such situations, I have got to make sure I am prepared for whatever may come my way when I walk out the door in the morning.


Treat Yourself in 2017

2017 is off to a great start for us over here at TCP.  Seriously, really great. Sure, we have had our share of bumps in the road already with wedding planning, house maintenance, etc etc – but even these things have made us more resilient.   It is of the utmost importance for us to remain in a comfortable mindset as our calendar is already filling up with events, trips and more.  One way that we are able to do that is to make sure that we always carve out time for ourselves. Whether its meditating, writing in a journal or taking a relaxing detox bath, we must make that a priority.  For my birthday a few weeks ago, Cath gave me a “Start 2017 off on the right foot” care package of sorts and it has the PERFECT set of products to do just that.

Do yourself a favor and make YOU a priority this year. Here are a few things to help you do just that!

A Fashionably Late New Years with Minted

Planning a wedding has brought an entirely new meaning to the phrase fashionably late. I am the most fashionably late person I have ever met, but mix that with the year of a wedding and you’re looking at a lot of things not getting done.


Four Seasons NY Downtown

We have never met a Four Seasons Hotel that we didn’t like. I mean, really, who has? We had the luxury of staying at the new Four Seasons Hotel Downtown in NYC during our last visit and it was divine.  From the marble bathrooms to the room service breakfast (those waffles!) and everything in between, it was truly a dream from the moment we walked in the door. We are seriously convinced that Four Seasons employees are the best of the best and we always know that they are going to take the best care of us during our stays.  (more…)

Equipment Knox Dress

Well folks, here we are in 2017 and I am going to write a little bit about my goals, as cliche as it it may be.  2016 was an amazing year- John and I bought a house, my sister and Catherine both got engaged, I started helping my mom out with her Turkish Towel biz, and of course the blog has continued to flourish (thank you all for your help with that!) That being said, it was a veryyyyy busy year and things were so overwhelming at times that it was tempting to just shut down completely.  My goal for 2017 is to avoid said meltdown moments.


New Year, New Obsessions

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday! We put in a lot of time with our families and have been doing some major goal setting for 2017. We will continue to share those goals with you throughout the next few weeks but for now, we’ll just share our newest obsessions. If you’re like us you probably got some Christmas money or were looking for a gift that Santa just didn’t bring you this year and are already to do some more shopping.



Happy New Year! We think its going to be the best yet.
Reb + Cath

A Homestead Christmas

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you know that The Homestead is my most favorite place.  (If you are a new TCP follower, I got married there a year and a half ago and have been vacationing there for most of my life).  Last year when John and I went in December we recognized how absolutely magical it can be at Christmastime and lucky for us we were able to convince my parents to spend the holiday itself there this year.


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