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March Favorites

Since the first day of 2017 we have been reminding you guys (and ourselves) to not forget to take care of yourself amidst the crazy hustle and bustle of life.  Each month we have been sharing some of our favorite products with you in an attempt to make things a little less overwhelming when you go to shop.  We will reiterate again: you can never treat yourself too often! Here are some of our favorite bath, body, skin and hair care products at the moment.  You’ll probably recognize a few, as we will always have a few tried and true go-to faves.

Sup Spring?

Nothing like saying ‘what’s up spring?’ with a trusty all black outfit. I mean, really, what else did you expect? As much as I keep trying to branch out with new pieces (and I really am trying), I always find myself coming back to black basics. It’s just so easy to mix and match my favorite black pieces to create new looks, no matter the season. Yes, I feel very redundant at this point, but alas, that’s about all I’ve got for you guys on this March Monday.  (more…)

Cali Vibes

We just spent 5 wonderful days in Los Angeles for Catherine’s bachelorette party and we got to fit so many of our favorite Cali things into those days.  If you were following along with us on insta-story and snapchat you got to see some behinds the scenes fun! If you didn’t, I won’t spoil all the details QUITE yet as we will be sharing our adventures over the next few blog posts! For now : here’s some pieces inspired by what we wore to snap some pix by the Hollywood sign.

Out West

It is no secret that I will use any excuse to go back to Los Angeles and I am so excited for Reb and I to head to the city of angels for a week. The Crystal Press has allowed this coast to coast trip to occur more often and this time around, some of my favorite girls from all over the place will be meeting us in Hollywood to celebrate my bachelorette! (more…)

Spotlight on: Spring Accessories

An outfit can be made simply by the right pair of sunnies or the perfect earrings.  Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to give your accessories an update! Here are some of our favorite things out there right now.

Noir + Blanc

Do you guys have anything in life that you seriously regret? I don’t mean, like, oops. I mean, something you can’t go back and change?  (more…)

Red Carpet Ready

This post was sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.Sure we may not all be headed to the Red Carpet this awards season, but who doesn’t want to feel red carpet ready all the time? And do it in the comfort of your home?  We are still continuing our New Year, New You theme here on The Crystal Press and thanks to some great products from Babbleboxx, we are feeling extra chic this month.  (more…)

Cathclaire Classic

Yes, I am a serial outfit repeater but I do it in the name of love.


Trend Alert: Stripes

One could argue that stripes never go out of style and we would certainly not disagree. However, these days we are seeing them everywhere. From the runway to the street, stripes are alive and well. So jump on the bandwagon or update your collection today! It’s no shocker that most of our favorite pieces are black and white but don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

We are especially digging this top (and its from Forever 21!) and this jumper would be so amazing leading into spring and summer!

photos: kaytee lauren

Pop of Color


For my birthday this year (the day after Christmas), John got me a bike! Its a turquoise cruiser and it is absolutely perfect for me.  One of my favorite things growing up was riding bikes at the beach during our family vacations and around the neighborhood where I grew up. This past summer when we were at the beach John and I had such fun biking to and from the beach and all around Seaside and Watercolor and I can’t remember if I actually told him it would be fun to do it at home or if he could just tell.  Either way, Johnny for the win. (more…)

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