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How We Aim to Keep Things Interesting in 2018

Have you noticed that it’s been a while since we shot in front of the old favorite white wall?

On this bizarre-ly warm day (65 degrees) today, it is hard to imagine that last Saturday it was so cold that Catherine and I couldn’t grin and bear it outside long enough to snap a few pix.  And that’s saying something, because I remember last year we snapped one of my favorite looks on a 25 degree day that felt like 10.  SO, instead, we wandered into this amazing home decor shop, Eviction, in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond. We’ve been eyeing this shop for a while now – on the corner on Marshall with Mikael Broth work on all sides – so this seemed like the perfect time. We walked in simply seeking shelter from the elements,  maybe do a little browsing and I walked out ready to redecorate my entire home with pieces from this shop! So many interesting things.


The Trick to Dressing in the Cold Weather

Motivation to get dressed plummets when the temperature drops, especially for the ladies of The Crystal Press. How can we and our fellow fashionistas get out ahead of this winter wardrobe occurrence? Read this blogpost to see an easily executed solution for dressing in cold weather!

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Can we talk about these freezing temperatures for a second people? What a racket! As the weather has become colder than Antarctica in our lovely hometown of Richmond, Rebecca and I are constantly noticing/talking about how we can’t seem to get warm. Alas, outfit pictures inside.

To give you an idea: I am writing this blogpost in my winter pajamas topped with a huge terry cloth robe while wrapped up in my Missoni blanket inside my house drinking hot tea. Fueh, that is quite the sentence.

Anyways, you get the picture – it’s freaking cold out. That brings me to my next point, how to look remotely fashionable when its below freezing outside and the last thing you are motivated to do (or think about) is to look fashionable! Fear not fellow fashionistas, I have a solution for you.

In fact, this solution doesn’t just go for when it is below freezing out. It pretty much works 100% of the time. Throw together a warm outfit of one color (of course my color of choice was black,) with different textures if your feeling crazy, and finish it off with a statement winter coat (faux fur, robe style coat or a floor length puffer coat).

If you start collecting pieces of your favorite color to wear, you will notice yourself reaching for them more often because they are so easily mixed and matched. Prime example: I wore these leather culottes with Vans on The Crystal Press here.  Dressing becomes so much easier when you only keep things that are your favorite anything in your closet. It almost eliminates the lazy factor completely. Almost.

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Invest In These Winter Essentials

Staying warm, having hydrated skin and being stylish aren’t always easy during the cold weather months.  

GUYS. Winter. The struggle to stay warm is real (Cath + I lasted about 30 seconds outside to snap the above photo in 10 degree weather) and the struggle to take care of your skin + body is real as well.  So, we have rounded up our favorite Winter Essentials in apparel + accessories and our favorite skincare + beauty products for the winter months to hopefully help you make it through the season justtttt a little easier. (more…)

Where to Shop in Richmond with The Crystal Press

We are so excited to finally share this video project The Crystal Press worked on with a crew from Google in Richmond, Va. The video is called “Shop Like a Local” and is featuring Need Supply Co, Little Nomad, and Ledbury.


We can’t believe that the day has finally come where we get to share with our readers one of our favorite projects that The Crystal Press has worked on to date and something that we are new at: VIDEO. The two of us almost didn’t believe our eyes when we received the email about this project with google – that’s how pumped we were at the prospect of working with them AND taking them around one of the best cities (and our hometown): Richmond, VA.

Is anyone else as afraid of public speaking as we are? Talk about two nervous ladies! (I mean, they are google…) But, luckily we had an amazing video crew who made us feel at ease and on top of that, we got to spend the day hanging with some of our favorite Richmond people throughout the day who were naturals on camera. (I’m looking at you Paul, Christina, and Anthony!). This was truly a memorable experience and we are so thankful to Google for including us, to Need Supply Co, Ledbury, and Little Nomad (see Cath rocking the RVA All Day shirt from the video here,) for putting Richmond on the map, and of course- to the city of Richmond. We think 2018 is our year, 804.


Cathclaire + Reb

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Feelin Myself in Flare Jeans from FRAME Denim

Greetings from the only girl in the world rocking flare jeans these days……… well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  Or, is it?

Over the past few days everyone’s Facebook statuses, insta-stories, blog posts and more have been about freeeezing cold temperatures and snow sweeping up and down the east coast, and well, I might as well add to that collection. Sort of.  Over the past few days, Cath and I have spent our snow days strategizing and getting organized for the upcoming year. As a duo, I’ll be honest, sometimes it is hard to always be on the same page when it comes to posting schedules and our editorial calendar, but this year we are DETERMINED to find the perfect solution.

Between assigning tasks to each of us, and syncing our google calendars, we are aiming to create a flow that helps both my neurotic planning side, and her creative go-with-the-flow attitude.  We have high hopes for 2018 and I gotta say, we seem to be starting off on the right foot. (more…)

How to Make Sequin Pants Look Cool

Hesitant to invest in anything other than a sequin dress? Read on to find out how you can make sequin pants look cool and wearable with a tied up t-shirt and a blazer. 

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Sequins and everything extra seem to be showing up in every retail establishment and fashion blog / magazine as of late. What girl doesn’t enjoy a little bit of sparkle? Cathclaire for one, will never say no to a little bit of sparkle – hence the sequin wedding dress and  these Topshop sequin flare pants

When I ordered these Topshop sequin pants, I ordered two different sizes because I was that excited about wearing them. I couldn’t bear the chance of them not fitting and me having to wait for the right size to be shipped. Better to cover all of my bases, am I right?

I acknowledge that these Topshop pants are the definition of extra and that is exactly why I paired them with a t-shirt. Okay, not just any t-shirt but one of my favorites. My “RVA All Day” t- shirt is designed by DJ Ant Boogie, owner of Little Nomad (a shop for all the hip children’s clothes and things galore!) It is hard to see the design on the t-shirt in these photos because I tied the T-shirt up, but if you are a Richmonder and don’t have one – you need to get yourself one ASAP. It is one of the coolest Richmond slogans I have seen in a very long time and not to mention, I am always happy to support my man Anthony.

Do you see yourself rocking sequin pants in 2018? Grab yourself a pair and put your personal twist on them to make them look cool and less extra. xo Cath

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Where to Stay in Charlottesville: Graduate Hotel

We are so very excited to see what this year holds for us with TCP and we are so glad to have you on this journey with us.

Just before Christmas, John and I traveled up to Charlotttesville for one of our favorite events of the year – the Sons of Bill + Friends Christmas Party at the Jefferson Theater.  It is always the perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend and truly get us into the spirit.  This was John + my 3rd Christmas show together, and as many of you know we hold SOB close to our hearts. Front man, James, was the officiant at our wedding, so it is always great to be able to catch him when he’s not writing, recording or teaching in Nashville. ‘Twas a great show as always, and great to sing a long to all of our favorites!

This year, the trip was made even better by our stay at the Graduate Charlottesville! We stayed at the Graduate in Oxford, MS this past spring, and one just opened up in Richmond as well, so we were excited to check it out.  (more…)

Rebecca’s 30th Birthday on The Crystal Press

I cannot believe today is Reb’s 30th birthday and that we get to share it with you guys on The Crystal Press! Birthdays and holidays always have a way of making one feel nostalgic…. In fact, it feels like just the other day we were dreaming up The Crystal Press over a bottle of wine, while being our reckless twenty-something selves. Fast forward years later, and here we are at Reb’s milestone birthday and sharing it with YOU! Reb got married a couple of years ago at The Homestead and today she is headed there to get some serious R + R before her big party for her 3-0 (see the wedding photos here) I have no doubt she and her husband John will have the best time ringing in her birthday in the best way – Homestead style!

Shop some of the closet additions I have my eye on to give Reb for her BDAY:


Last Minute Shopping For New Years Eve

Who else has procrastinated their New Years Eve get-up this year?

Like I said in my last post, my 30th birthday is simply days away.  To celebrate, some of my pals are throwing a joint birthday party for me and our other bff Catherine on New Years Eve.  We figured rather than making everyone celebrate all three occasions, we would have one epic house party.  I gotta say im pretttyyyyyyyy excited.  That being said, I still don’t know what I am going to wear yet. EEEEK. So I’ve been trolling the ‘nets for the perfect look and while I was at it, I figured I would round up some of the things that have caught my eye – justttt in case you’re in the same boat for NYE.   (more…)

Striped Sweater Weather + The Golden Rule

Who doesn’t love a bold striped sweater just in time for the 1st day of winter? (aka sweater weather?)

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Well friends, I’m just 5 days from my 30th birthday and walking into it with an AWESOME attitude.  And by awesome, my new motto is “if I want to wear the same striped sweater 4 days in a row, then I will.”  And that is exactly what I did after I got this striped sweater/gem from ASOS in the mail. It went a little like this : Step 1: open package. Step 2: Try on striped Sweater Step 3: Wear it the rest of the day. Step 4: Wear it to Girl’s Christmas at The Jefferson with the ruffled Zara Pants Step 5: Wear it Saturday while bopping around to breweries and taking these photos with Cath. Step 6: Wear it on a lazy Sunday to do Crosswords, eat at Joe’s Inn and go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  (more…)

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xx, Reb + Cath