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An Ode to Basics

img_2509Packing for Fashion Week is always SUCH a struggle. (Yes, I know this is a seriously cliche fashion blogger statement, but just bear with me).

This season, I knew I had to have some sort of strategy so as to not go totally insane during the process.  To make matters worse, I just moved into our new house this summer and my clothes are EVERYWHERE; downstairs closets, upstairs closets, the attic, my car and yes, even at Catherine’s house.  It’s always tempting to pack all of your ‘HEY LOOK AT ME’ pieces when heading to New York so as to capture the eyes (lenses) of the Street Style photogs and in our instance, yes, Cath and I would like to think of ourselves as the next Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie. (more…)

Don’t Stop Beliebing

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When I purchased this Justin Bieber shirt from Forever 21, I thought writing a blog post about it was going to be a no-brainer. Not only because is it an awesome graphic tee but because I’m obsessed with Justin Bieber like……obsessed in the way that I know my beliberness annoys the shit out of people and there’s no LOL about it. What I’m trying to say is: this post is not as easy as I anticipated and I am having a hard time putting my love for him into words. As much as I wish this were not true, I’m no master communicator. That being said, I am just going to have to let this shirt speak for itself and say you should get one too. Support the Biebs, guys.


Chanel Boy Bag

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Every girl has a dream bag. You know, that bag that you have been pining for since it was first released? You know, the one that you beg your husband to get you for years, knowing it probably will never happen? For me, that bag is this black Chanel Boy Bag.  However, I didn’t have to break the bank entirely in order to carry this beauty with me during NYFW last week thanks to Bag, Borrow or Steal!  Not only is this bag the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, but it was also the PERFECT size to carry during those long days in New York, going from show to show.  It perfectly held my lipstick, rosewater spray and cell phone which are, according to moi, the fashion week essentials.

Fan Girl


If there is the best time to be in fashion for a blogger duo like The Crystal Press, I would have to say it is Spring/Summer fashion week in September when the weather is just right in NYC. Rebecca and I are still learning the ropes of this enchanting time of year but, boy, what we have learned so far has fulfilled dreams we’ve had ever since we were little girls. Before I go any further, let me just say we wouldn’t have been able to go on this trip without your support so thanks for following along with our adventures from the very beginning. Yes, that was a shout out to all of the TCP OG’s.


NYFW Survival with Babbleboxx

babbleboxx1Every Fashion Blogger, photographer, designer and New York resident knows that Fashion Week is the craziest, most fabulous time(s) of the year.  Without a doubt this will be one of many posts in the following weeks where we share our adventures, favorite shows, and more with you guys.  Today in the spotlight is Babbleboxx and their #NYFW goodies for this season.  We could not have survived with week without the Vichy face masks, and have to admit we are in love with the Otterbox crystal case. When packing for fashion week, it can be difficult to prioritize what to bring and what to leave at home, but luckily this group of products made that decision super easy for us. From hair, to skin, to a chic selfie ready phone case, Babbleboxx had us covered for the crazy 6 days in New York.

Read on to find out about these great products, discount codes for purchase and more! (more…)

Insert Pre-NYFW Title Here


We have entered the final countdown to NYFW and in a mere 48 hours we will be boarding a plane, headed toward America’s favorite Fashion City.  The thought of packing right now is making my head spin, but I know that when our bags are packed and we are touching down at JFK, it will all be worth it.


Roan If You Want To

Roan (noun): A realm of color, pattern, and texture that is never the same, never dulls, and has unlimited possibility.


Richmond peeps, have you been to Roan in Carytown? If you haven’t, you need to get there. From one of a kind dresses for a special occasion to the perfect outfit for a drink at Can Can with friends, this boutique has got you covered. The eye for impeccable style and design that Hank, the owner/buyer, has is out of this world. As if the shopping experience that Hank and his team have created at Roan isn’t enough, do you see this Roksanda dress I am wearing? Hank picked it out for me! I am an all-black-everything kinda girl and this dress fulfills my all-black needs with just the right amount of white peaking from the back of it.


VETTA Capsule Collection

“So you can look good by doing good” – VETTAVETTA 1

Last spring, a friend tagged me on Facebook about a Kickstarter project that two girls, Cara Bartlett + Vanessa vanZyl, were attempting to fund and it caught my eye immediately! As half of a duo trying to “make it” in the fashion world, I really appreciated what the girls were doing with their VETTA Capsule collection. Not only does their minimalistic and perfectly chic collection perfectly fit our aesthetic, but the main goal of VETTA is to create eco-friendly clothing. (more…)

Thursday To-Dos

asos top 2

The moon must be doing something weird because lately I feel like I can barely keep up with my to-do list. You know those times when you write your to-dos down, but on different lists and then you less than ideally misplace them? That’s me rn.

Between fashion week prep, general life stuff, and a quick stint in Vegas today (all things I am very excited about), life has been quite the whirl wind over the past (barely there) week. However, in my overwhelming to-do list fog, I have managed to find another pair of Alexander Wang booties (!!).


Girl Talk

ASOS Skirt 6

There are quite a few things (aka one million) that need to be done in preparation before Fashion Week. So far, I’ve talked about one of my favorite fall trends that will make the trip with us, but there are SO many more factors that go into these bi-annual trips.  We are currently in the midst of planning for shows, parties, brand events, etc but to be honest, one of my most favorite things about the trip is the hotel sleepovers with Cath. In the morning and every night before bed we get to talk about the day, about our goals, about various other TCP goings on and also just have plain old girl talk. (more…)

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