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The Perfect Winter Knit with Banana Republic

I don’t know about you guys, but here in Richmond, VA it seems like we completely skipped over fall.  All of a sudden my back porch is covered in leaves and I didn’t even notice them changing! I swear, it happened over night. I feel like a broken record and I say this every year, but alas, its true.  Luckily, I am fully prepared thanks to Banana Republic!!  (more…)

The Crystal Press on The Crystal Coast: Pierless Too

We wrote a little bit about Atlantic Beach in Reb’s Free People Jumpsuit post, but here we will show you a few more photos of the house + beachfront views.  When The Crystal Coast asked us to come along on this weekend adventure they affectionately referred to the house as the sandcastle, and truly, it was.  Thanks to Blue Water, NC, we, along with other bloggers + photogs spent the weekend staying at Pierless Too. The 8 bedroom, 9.5 (yes, 9.5) bathroom house was a total dream and the views from the pool and the top deck were simply stunning!   (more…)

Free People on The Crystal Coast

Looking back at the photos from our trip, I am instantly reminded how amazing it was! Our House, Pierless Too was a total dream and the view was even more stunning! You can be sure that in the coming weeks you’ll get to see it all. However, I will say a few things about Atlantic Beach here.


My Fall Uniform: PJs and Skinnies

This fall I have taken to repeating outfits, like, all the time. If you have seen me in the past few weeks, you will no doubt recognize this pajama top.  I’m taking that whole matching sets / pajamas-can-pass-clothes thing to a whole new level this fall and let me tell you, I’ve been extreeeeemely comfy.  I scored this PJ set during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer and have been waiting for the cooler temps to be able to put them in my outfit rotation.  Luckily for me, fall is here and the time has come to rock my new Fall Uniform on repeat.

What are your go-to fall favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


Twinnning at NYFW in Stripes


Everyone is trying to turn heads at NYFW, we all know that.  And while we aren’t all supermodels or can’t all be decked out in head to toe Gucci or Miu Miu, there are definitely other ways to stick out.  We opted for these matching striped sweaters from Zara, and wore them on repeat.  Not to brag or anything *ahem* but we did turn quite a few heads and it was an excellent conversation piece. (more…)

Reb & John’s Anniversary Shoot with J&D Photo

Every shoot, every outfit post, everything that we do here at TCP starts with just a small bit of inspiration. Whether it is a pair of shoes, a graffiti wall in the fan or a new restaurant, we’ve got to start somewhere.  In this case,  my mom gave me this Alice + Olivia dress that she initially bought to wear for my sister’s wedding.  She ended up going with another amazing piece, and didn’t want this one to go unnoticed so she suggested I do something with it on the blog.   (more…)

How I Chose My Bridesmaids Dress

When Cath told me that we were all going to get to pick out our bridesmaids dresses I was SO excited.  I did this for my bridesmaids at my wedding and it was such fun and gave the photos such dimension.  Catherine gave us one guideline: black and we were free to go from there.  (more…)

What We’re Packing for Fashion Week: Tees + Metallics


We have found it is easiest when packing for NYFW to have a good strategy.  Otherwise it is midnight the day before you leave and you are staring in your closet like ‘where the heck do I even start?’  Each season we try to stick with a theme and expand on it. Sure, we all want to stand out to street style photogs, but that doesn’t mean you have to do anything too over the top! This year, Cath is leaning towards metallics and I am leaning towards graphic tees and straight up, basic black. We look forward to sharing our looks with you during our trip so make sure you stay tuned on insta stories – not only on @thecrystalpress but also on @cathclaire + @rebeccapiersol!


16 Pieces for Fall from Need Supply and ASOS

Alas, friends, fall is right around the corner! If you’re like us, you are looking in your closet thinking, do I really have to get out my cold weather clothes now? Luckily its notttttt quite time for that! However, it is the perfect time for shift dresses + tunics and some fun, funky tops. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites for you because let’s be serious, we are all going to do some shopping for the new season.  We’ve got an array of styles and prices for you from two of our favorite retailers: Need Supply Co and ASOS!


as always, happy shopping!

photos: Kaytee Lauren

A Weekend on Shelter Island

Every time John and I go on vacation, I bring our TCP Nikon, pack outfits and fully intend on shooting multiple looks, locations and scenery. However, I always end up forgetting or choosing not to do that and instead fully enjoy vacation. Because, really that is what vacation is all about. That being said, I did want to document our amazing trip to Shelter Island, NY so I took a boat load (hehe) of photos on ze trusty iPhone.   (more…)

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